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Any band or artist that would like to feature on my podcasts, or on the Dick's Recommendations page, please get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , twitter or facebook. Send me a link to your latest song or release and I will give it a listen and if I like it, I will pop a song on my next podcast and/or recommend the song or your EP/LP on the site.

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Matriarchy - Matriarchy EP

I was excited to receive an email submission for one reason - the subject header read ‘New Glasgow Band’. After hearing and playing a few Glasgow bands (i.e. Kill Surrrf, Deathcats, Ex Wives) on my show recently I just knew I wasn’t to be disappointed.

Six-piece Matriarchy start this impressive three song EP with the fantastic ‘Love Me Love Me’; a breezy number with a lovely jingly-jangly guitar. Next, ‘Happy Song’ seems to be anything but happy – it’s a dark, slow burning track with lyrics tinged with bitterness.

EP closes with the fabulous ‘Sylvia Plath’ which could easily be an early Smiths’ song, albeit from a female perspective – A fitting end to a fine EP.

Listen or download for NYOP below:

They have an upcoming gig at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow on April 25th.

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