Route For The Underdog is a fortnightly half hour podcast dedicated to the best new emerging and unsigned artists. I regularly browse music sites like Bandcamp and Soundcloud looking for the latest underground releases from the newest bands from all over the world.

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Artefact - Demo EP

Artefact are a new band from Cardiff. This is their extremely accomplished Demo EP which starts with the gothic 'Intro' which smoulders splendidly, setting the tone for what's to follow wonderfully well. The terrific 'Morrigan' ups the tempo and features some impressive fretwork whilst the spiky 'Indra' recalls Siouxsie and the Banshees.

The danceable 'Holy, Cold, Grey' sounds like a long-lost 80s indie classic whereas 'Poison' is an excellent piece of intense post-punk.

The atmospheric beauty of 'Boudicca' and final track 'Harlequin' maintains the high quality, with some fine guitar riffs, and in the latter's case, pulsing bass and pounding drums - Definitely a band to keep an eye out for as they are clearly very capable of big things if this Demo is anything to go by.

Currently available for NYOP download on the below player: